A small letterpress studio in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Typonauts — type specimen poster

A poster that can be hung either way up. The idea came after watching the movie Gravity. There’s no right way up or down. The sheet was run twice to get the large type to repeat in both orientations. Then the smaller (18pt) type was set out, and overprinted. It would have been too easy to use the same technique to just reverse print the same again in the other orientation, so I replaced the smaller type with different sorts, and moved each one around to get a different repeat pattern. They are supposed to be the stars in the galaxy.

Print details
G.F Smith Bright White 135gsm
Process blue, metallic gold
Printed poster showing letters reading Typonauts
Printers wooden letters on work bench
Close up of printed letters
Close up of printed letters
Printers wooden letters spaced out on workbench
Printers wooden letters on printing press bed
Unfinished poster with large letters reading Typonaut

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