A small letterpress studio in Guildford, Surrey, England.

For the love of a dog

Heidi was our beloved dachshund, who passed away in 2019. As a bit of a tribute, I made a poster with a lot of the funny names we used to call her. If you are a dog owner, you will understand.

Print details
G.F Smith Bright White 135gsm
Metallic gold, black
Photopolymer wood block image, millboard cut form
Combination of Cooper Black, slab serif wood type and Univers metal type
Poster showing illustration of dachshund dog and large title reading Heidi
Printed letters reading Heidi
Printed letters reading Heidi
Cardboard sheet cut into shape before printing
Wooden block being printed on printing press
Unfinished printed poster before next colour is added
Letterpress poster running through printing press
Printers metal printing type on press covered with ink
Wooden printers illustration block sat on sheet of sandpaper and dust
Man in hat and wearing glasses holding small dachshund dog

This was an experiment in mixing wood, and metal type, plus a 3d effect cut from card and a block made from a photo of Heidi.

The 3D solid was printed first in black, and then the gold type was overprinted. The names were all set in Cooper Black, and her name was set in a fat face slab.

The Cooper Black came from a garage sale, and I got it cheap. The reason being there is some damage to some of the sorts, particularly the Ms. I had to run the names twice, because of a lack of characters.

The icing on the cake was printing the block image. This was a photopolymer plate mounted on a MDF block to type height. There was a bit of final adjustment to get the block to the height right for printing.

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