A small letterpress studio in Guildford, Surrey, England.

About the Newland Press.

Ahoy! Thanks for stopping by. It all started with a small collection of wood type, you know, the sort of thing you pick up in a craft market.

Then it got silly.

Printed letter M
Detail of printers letterpress press
Close up of printmakers palette knife
Close up of printers letters cabinet

Printing presses

  • 1972 Korrex Nürnberg cylinder press
  • Farley proofing press


  • Harrild & Sons type cabinet (20 cases wooden type)
  • Double fronted type cabinet (44 cases metal type, UK and German mix)


  • Compositor’s stone
  • Misc letterpress equipment
  • Leads rack
  • Wooden spacing rack

About me

The Newland Press is me, Antony Harrington. I first got into letterpress printing ironically after giving a talk at Typo London about digital, and printing a poster to give away to students and anyone who would listen to me.

I was hooked.

I work full-time as a freelance designer, working on branding and
digital design. The letterpress practice is the perfect opposite.

It’s all about being slow, taking your time, and often getting results which are unpredictable. And exciting.

True story

The Harrild & Sons type cabinet came to me after replying to an ad from the Briar Press, a website for the letterpress community. The cabinet came complete with 20 cases of wooden type. It was too good to be true. The only problem was, it needed collecting from Cumbria (the far north). I live in Surrey (the soft south).

So, after setting off in a hired van, I got as far as Oxford before realising my phone (and sat nav) were dying. The van’s charger wasn’t working. I had an address for a cottage in Cumbria, and a contact number. With 2% battery left, I pulled into a service station, and bought an old fashioned A-Z road map of Great Britain.

A final glance at the address on my phone before it died gave me just enough information to go on.

Six hours later, I found myself driving up and down a remote country lane looking for a cottage. And there it was. The seller (Paul) flagged me down, and I had actually found the place with only a map and a pray.

Note: Cumbria is really north!